Forney Independent School District.
We are making students & teachers our top priority.


Maintaining the trust of Forney ISD taxpayers.

While many Texas school districts have struggled under education funding cuts by the state, Forney ISD has excelled in our commitment to responsibly manage your tax dollars. We’ve earned the highest ranking possible from the state for financial integrity, improved our bond rating which lowers interest costs, and refinanced existing bond debt to save taxpayers millions of dollars. By watching the bottom line, we can better prepare our district for the expected 70% increase in our student population over the next ten years.


Focusing our budgets on teachers & students.

The Forney ISD School Board and Administrators understand that schools of excellence begin with the hard work of our teachers, students and parents. That’s why, even with the challenges of our quickly growing student population, we focus 97% of all of our spending on student support, programs and tools that improve classroom instruction, advance academic and Fine Arts programs, improve pay for best teachers and prepare our kids with college or job-ready skills.