Forney Independent School District.
Preparing our next generation of leaders.


Preparing the job skills of tomorrow’s workforce.

The world and the workplace are changing all the time, which makes it so important for our children to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. Forney ISD’s Career & Technical Education Program (CTE) is empowering students with business and industry experience so they can take on the college classroom and pursue a fulfilling career. Forney ISD also offers classes tailored to the learning styles and the career paths for special needs students. The blend of classroom instruction and hands-on training enables students to develop real world skills in an array of different fields—engineering, entrepreneurship, veterinary medicine, and welding. A great example is the welding program at Forney High School, Instructor Thomas Bailey is giving students the incredible opportunity to assist him with the manufacture of Bison BBQ smokers, which are sought after by regional restaurants. One customer, Chad Sessions of Smoke Sessions Barbeque, ordered five of the student-created smokers, telling Texas Monthly that he “was really impressed with the craftsmanship that these kids were able to accomplish with these pits.”

Providing a head start for college.

Forney ISD recognizes that every student walks their own path to success in education and their career. Our Dual Credit Program gives determined students the opportunity to obtain their high school diploma and their associate degree simultaneously. Student enthusiasm for the program is tremendous—enrollment has more than doubled in the last two years, from 351 classes taken in 2016-17 to 819 this year. This year, 60 students will earn their associate degree in addition to their high school diploma. For students whose dreams need a little financial backing, dual credit scholarships are provided by the Forney Education Foundation (FEF). This year, 141 students were eligible for scholarships and requested to take 464 hours (making up more than half of the entire district’s dual credit offerings). The FEF funded 100% of the eligible scholarships, saving parents and families thousands of dollars.

Savannah Cottrell
Future Veterinarian

Aalarieake Branch
Future Teacher

Nathan "Nate" Bocanegra
Future Welder

Taylor Chadwick
Future Entrepreneur

Brooke Woods
Future Photographer

Yi Cheng Huang
Future Engineer